Checkers or Draughts History

Checkers, which is also called draughts in Great Britain is a game with ancient roots. Gamble online with checkers at site. The first form of checkers is thought to have been found during an archeological dig located at Ur in Iraq. Carbon dating of this board shows that the game was played around 3000 B.C. However, the game from then used a board that was slightly different as well as a different number of pieces and no one is sure of what the exact rules of the game were and you can also try online chess game.

Ancient Egypt

Alquerque was a game played in Ancient Egypt. This game had a 5 by 5 board and was a fairly commonly played game throughout the country. It has been traced back to 1400 B.C. The game was so popular that it was played throughout the western world for thousands of years.

Game Expansion

A Frenchman in around 1100 decided that the game could be played on a chess board. Play and gamble at Club World Casino online. This expanded the number of pieces used on the board to 12 on each side. The game was then called Ferses or Fieres. Making jumps during the game became mandatory as a way to make the game more of a challenge. This version was called Jeu Force by the French. The Reine des Dames showcases some of the best French casino websites that have emerged in recent years. It provides updates links and casino reviews. It's exactly what you need in order to stay on top of what is going on in the online casino world.

Current Rules

Once the rules for the game were set the game was then exported to both England and America, always go for game's security features. The game was referred to as Draughts in Great Britain. There were books written in Spain about the game as early as the 1500's. William Payne, a mathematician from England wrote a treatise on the game in 1756. The game has remained popular throughout time. The first world championship was played in 1847 and since that time expert players have developed new and better ways to win at Checkers.